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Zeekrewards is the American company. Zeekler and ZeekRewards are owned by Rex  Venture Group LLC, a subsidiary of Lighthouse AmericaUS company. This company was established on 24th June, 1997. Zeekrewards is the No.1 world’s largest company in MLM. This is quite evident from Alexa World Ranking.
The headquarters are located in LexingtonNCUSA . The dedicated web server farm, is operated and maintained by Internet Dynamo, Inc and is located in MiamiFloridaUSA. ZeekRewards legal advisors are MLM Law Firm, Gerald Nehra & Richard Waak. Est. revenue for 2011 $15+ million, est. revenue for 2012 $75 million.
In June 1997 Zeekler.com was introduced on internet for the business of auction. To promote Zeekler.com Google Adwords and other Advertising Agencies were tried as in the case of every successful website. Then in12th Dec, 2010 some new idea to promote Zeekler was materialized in the form of Zeekrewards.com. Zeekrewards.com is the MLM site. It rather proved to be a unique idea that instead of investing on Google Adwords and other advertising agencies it was far better idea to use one’s members, by giving free membership, to promote Zeekler.com and in turn pay them. Hence the name Zeek Rewards, and it too is important for all members to post free classified ad daily with Zeekler’s or Zeekler's online stores links. This idea was highly appreciated that just within the time of less than two years Zeekrewards attracted million of members and climbed to the utmost heights of MLM. All can join it for free.
Basic work idea
Suppose you post ad for the shop of cookies. This will flourished that business. Suppose the shopkeeper gives you your reward as one box of cookies every day. By posting more and more ads the cookies business will flourish and you will be receiving more and more cookies boxes. These cookies you can either eat or sell. In case of selling them you are further advertising the cookies business and thus you will receive some more incentives. Same is the case in Zeekrewards. Just post one ad daily and strengthen Zeekler’s business. Zeekrewards in turn gives you bids (since bid is the only product of Zeekler.com). You can give these bids away to your personally sponsored Zeekler's customers and by doing so you are awarded VIP Points and you get 1.5% average daily commission / earning on the total number of VIP Points you have. More they grow more your earning grows. 
There is yet one more workable idea. Remember Zeekler's customers buy bid pack to participate in online Penny auction. These bids they either have to buy ($0.65 each) or have for free from the Zeekrewards Affiliates. You better make your friends join Zeekler with your link and each day give away bids to them once they reach 100 bids which you can provide them for free they participate in online Penny Auction of Zeekler.com and once they participate you are awarded $2, and if they buy any thing this is some additional and free benefit to them.


The Zeek Rewards member uses a fake identity. They they create a fake retail customer and buy retail bids using a stolen credit card. The Zeek Rewards member receives 20% commission on the purchase that can be cashed out immediately to AP or STP.

The irony here is that AP and STP are both a big pain to deal with as a customer in that you cannot dispute anything and the customer owns all the risk – if you send money to a scam, it’s your fault. This also works in reverse, if Zeek Rewards sends money to an AP or STP account, they have no recourse.

I predicted this on one of my earlier comments about Zeek. They claimed that they stopped taking credit card transactions for VIP bids due to fraud, and my rebuttal was that it was baloney because if I was a fraudster, I’d just switch from buying VIP points to retail bids.

The only difference is that with VIP points a total of 15% commissions is paid (10% to referrer, and 5% to his referrer) and there is a $10k limit with VIP points vs. $1k limit with retail bids. But how many stolen credit cards have $10k available credit? $1k makes perfect sense for the scammers to keep charging $1k per card. A $1k may go detected later because the user’s card isn’t getting declined immediately.

As for the investment scheme itself, what is probably happening is the fake Zeek Rewards account that received the 20% commission has its daily repurchase amount set to 0% (100% cash out). But it takes 90 days to convert all of the virtual points to cash so odds are they take the 20% commission and never use the account again, or best case for the fraudsters is to cash out a few days out of 90 before the account is closed.

All this fraud is easily solved and I’ve replied to earlier posts on how this could be done. Zeek corporate is either

1) in way over their head and do not know how to operate a large internet business (look at how completely dysfunctional the Free Store Club retail site is, or a variety of other problems such as when you send money via STP you have to send it to Paul Burks directly with his email address showing and not the corporate account), or

2) know the money game will end eventually and just don’t care.

The answer could be both.

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