YouLikeHits Youtube - Subscriber Module

YouLikeHits Youtube - Subscriber Module 

Hello TBN,
Today I would like to present to you the first of many releases of my YouLikeHits bot. As many of you know, YouLikeHits allows users to boost their social networking accounts by first boosting other people's social networking accounts and collecting points. A single method to collect points could be from YouTube Subscribers, or Pinterest Pins, etc. From now on when I use the word "module", I am referring to one of these methods by which one can earn points.
So now that we got that out of the way, what I am giving to you guys today is a demo of what I have been working on, a fully functional YouLikeHits bot. This bot is ABSOLUTELY not supposed to preview the full functionality of the bot, but rather show you a single module that will be one of many modules implemented in the full version. The module this demo version implements is YouTube Subscribers.
So keep in mind that I am releasing this now in hopes to get feedback from you guys and hopefully suggestions for the full bot. So please download, and make sure to read the directions.
- Uses multithreading (no lag, quick)
- Uses ALL web requests
- Simulates someone manually earning points by adding proper delays, opening unnecessary pages, etc
- Completely automatic
1. Run YLHDemo - YouTube Subscribers.exe
2. Enter your YouLikeHits username and password and press Check, make sure that it is verified.
3. Enter your YouTube username and password and press Check, make sure that it is verified.
4. Set the number that you would like to complete. If you put 25 for this number, the bot will continue going until points have been received 25 times, failed attempts do not count.
5. Set your speed! The slider on the bottom allows you to slide to the right (fastest) or to the left (slowest). I REALLY recommend that you keep the slider in the middle.
6. Press Start
7. The bot will stop when you press stop or when the number complete has finished.
NOTE: A single YouTube account can only subscribe around 50 to 55 times in a couple hours. So I recommend setting the count to complete at 45 or 50, then switching YouTube accounts. 
NOTE: If anyone has trouble verifying their youtube account, please login manually and make sure there aren't any messages like email/sms verification needed. If there is, clear those out first and make sure you can login manually without any errors/warning messages. 

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